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About Circuit Engineering

This division was founded in 1999 and has always kept perfect step with the technology and demands of the PCB market. At Circuit Engineering our goal is to be the most customer focused printed circuit board fabricator in the country. We recognize our role and our responsibility to produce our customer's PCB designs to exceed their expectations. We realize that when our customers award Circuit Engineering with their order, they are trusting us with their future. We know that by making the best PCB on the market today and then delivering on time each and every time, we are helping our customers to be more successful.

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Overseas Division

Circuit Engineering's Overseas Division is the top electronics company in Italy, and is the 11th largest printed circuit board supplier in Europe. We also have factories in France and Spain. Our TS16949 certified plant located in China is for mass production in support of our domestic facility in Elk Grove Village. Whatever your technology and volume demands of this market – Circuit Engineering is ready to handle all of your Printed Circuit Board needs.

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Our Process

Precision Drilling

Our state-of-the -art computer controlled, highly accurate high speed drillers, with built in TMG (Tool Metrology Gauge) for laser diameter checks, spindle radial run-out verification and drill breakage detection, we can drill finished via holes as small as 5 mils with extreme accuracy. allowing us to meet the most demanding drilling and fabricating specifications.

Photo Imaging

Our carefully controlled, environmentally clean photo-imaging area and automated aligning high resolution imaging units ensures that line width and spacing are printed accurately down to 2 and 2.

Plating Lines

To ensure consistency and the highest quality, our chemical engineers closely control the process. Daily analysis and System Process Control (SPC) charting help maintain the highest quality and complete traceability. Our state of the art, FULLY AUTOMATED electroless plating line utilizing the latest technology with ensure the top quality reliable copper plating even on the finest hole diameters. Our AUTOMATED pattern plating line ensures the top quality copper plating with utilizing the latest dual rectifier technology.


With our newest SES ( strip–etch– strip ) line we can etch width and spacing down to 3 and 3 with extreme accuracy and up to 10 ounce copper.


Using our latest AOI technology, we are able to detect any defects prior to the solder mask and lamination cycle to prevent any repairs after the solder-mask application.

Solder Mask

Our automated LPI coating equipment applies the solder mask consistently and efficiently.


We are utilizing the advanced scoring technology, and are able to hold tight tolerances with extreme accuracy and flexibility, including metal core boards.

Electrical Testing

Our state of the art testing facility allows testing of ALL PCBs efficiently and economically. To ensure that the boards meet all of the net list requirements, we electrically test 100% of our boards. This will guarantee that each circuit board meets the functional requirements of the board. We also have clam shell fixture testing capabilities.